Formula column for automations (date column)

Is there a way to make an automation from a formula column ??
I´ve created a formula for Due dates, and need to send emails based on this date. But it doesn´t let me.

FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Services Date},{Net 30/60..}), "DD - MM - YY")

I have paid Pro plan for all my employees and I do not find the way for doing this basic thing.
If it not works I will go back to Standard plan

Hi :muscle: you need to instal General Caster App by @Thomas-Omnitas


General Caster is not our app it is done by @rob and the team at Omnidea.

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It works @hlopezvc!!
It´s incredible that we need a 3rd app for such an easy task…
Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for clarifying… my mistake.
But the name started with “omni” :sweat_smile:

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