Need to understand about Board gets created for Item and Subitems


Could someone please help me understand how creates Board (Main Board) for Items or Board (SubItems Board) for sub-items.

I tried few things sharing my observation below:

  1. When I create Board of Items or Budget, using Add on UI, Board gets created with respective columns:
    a. Item board - with columns - Item, Person, Status and Date
    b. Budget board - with columns - Budget, Person, Status and Date

  2. When I try to create sub-item to any item form these board that time it creates Board for Sub-Items with columns → Subitems, Owner, Status and Date.

Need to understand how creates these board.

Does it use some pre-defined schema to know/decide which/what columns to add when creating Board (Main Board) for Items or Sub-Items Board for sub-items.

If yes, Can we define/update that schema? if yes, how to do it?

hi @Yash

You can save any board as a template and use that template (including the column layout) when creating a new board. There are a large number of templates available for direct use, see: Customizable templates to get your team started in minutes

Thank you @basdebruin for quick input.

I did check instance I am using, there is no template board created in the instance.

I need to understand/confirm in such case - Would will always create Board or Sub-Item Board with columns I mentioned in issue description and if that is the Standard/Default behavior of

Mainly I need help to understand if there is any relation between Main Board and Sub-Item Board? specifically about deciding schema, would be using to Create Sub-Item Board.

Hi @Yash ,

When you create a sub item column on a board , It always create a virtual board for subitems as well which has its own board id.

For eg. All the subitems available with multiple subitem columns on a board are the part of that virtual subitem board.

This is a virtual board and it consist of all the subitems present on that board but not the items.

Aquib Zafar

hi @Yash

If you do create a new board (not from a template) monday will generate the columns you listed. You can add/remove columns later, but you can’t specify which columns you get initially. If you want to define the set of columns you have to use templates (monday or your own).

Thank you @basdebruin for quick help.

Any specific input on below:

Is there any relation between Main Board and Sub-Item Board ? specifically about deciding schema while generating Sub-Item Board, would be using to Create Sub-Item Board.

Hi @Yash

Yes there is a relationship between the main board and the subitem board, which is hold in the subitems columns value. However, there is no relationship between the columns in the main board and the subitem boards.

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