Nested Workspaces

Short Description:

  • The ability to create workspaces that are nested in other workspaces, so that larger organization’s work could be coherently maintained without intricate naming conventions or folder structures.

Use Case(s):

  1. For lines of business with a large number of members who are highly active users
  2. For lines of business whose workflows involve automatically generating new boards and whose membership make frequent use of these automations.

Request in Detail:

In our organization, adminstrators are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the workload generated by densely populated departments remains coherent as the use of Monday expands. At present we find ourselves caught between either: creating too many unique workspaces for overly particular use cases, or encouraging complex folder structures within workspaces. Both situations create issues for administrators and daily-users alike. For administrators, automatically provisioning access with groups and teams is challenging, as access has to be granted and changed across a wide variety of workspaces. For end-users, there are dozens of workspaces that they have to keep track of by name in order to find work that relates to their particular line of business.

Proposed Solution:

We think that the ability to “nest” workspaces, helps alleviate some of these concerns by allowing us to group workspaces together such that work across different parts of a large organization could be related to one another in more than name. Additionally, if workspace-ownership rights were extended to these “Workspaces of Workspaces” then we could empower the leadership within the organizational unit to manage its own collection of workspaces.