New app: Sundae for Monday - Turn your docs into public websites - no coding required!

We’re excited to announce our new app - Sundae for monday :shaved_ice:

Turn your monday docs into full fledged websites to share KB articles, documentation, reports, meeting notes with customers and business partners. Build help centers, wikis, blogs and other kinds of websites with a sleek, professional look.

  • Turn monday into your content management system - Use monday to edit your docs, and use Sundae’s embedded app to transform them to web sites in just a few clicks.

  • One-click templates - Select from our ready-made templates for wikis, help centers, or blogs.

  • Fast sites - Extra fast load times that keep your visitors happy using CDNs + web and mobile optimized code.

  • Boost your SEO - Optimize your site for search engines: add titles, descriptions, and social cards to make your site stand out.

  • Use your own domain - Add a professional touch and gain credibility with SSL certificates.

Please try out our free plan - we’d love to get your feedback.

You can view our docs here (yes, we created them with Sundae :dog:) and if you’d like to schedule a demo with us, please use our calendly link.

We’d love to hear from you!


Quick update - we’ve added full text search support for monday docs published in Sundae sites with help center or documentation web site types:

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Amazing!!! Love the idea, are there any plans to add more templates in the future?

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Hey Amit,

We’ve just added support for publishing your own blog in Sundae, with post images, titles, descriptions and page-level SEO and social readiness!

If you have any requests for additional templates and site types, give us a shout here, in email or through the in-app feedback and we’ll see what we can do!

We created a new blog for Sundae using Sundae on🍧 It was so easy and even fun:) you gotta give it a try!

Our first blog post explains what Sundae is, what’s it good for, and how to get started!

Would love to hear your thoughts🙏

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That’s awesome! Seems like marketing, customer success and other non-tech teams can now bypass the tech debt required to get a new blog, documentation or a successful landing page up and running! Well done!