New Board Experience - Things I Don't Like

  • Descriptions on columns. Previously, when one hovered over the ‘i’ next to the column header, the description for the column would appear. In the new view, when one hovers over the ‘i’ it says ‘Column Information’, and one has to click on the ‘i’ to get the description. Please change it back to how it was before.

  • When you resize a column, it now moves the column at the same time by accident. This is because the ‘grab’ feature (to move a column) is now changed, so if you click on the column width to drag it wider, it also drags the column across to a new (unwanted) spot.

  • The board descriptions are now shortened to one line (instead of 3 lines being visible without needing to expand the description).

  • When moving an item from the bottom of the board to the top, it used to scroll the page for you, as you held down the mouse and moved the item, and now it does not.

  • When groups are collapsed, it doesn’t look like neat like it used to (i.e, just the header for the group showing). Now it shows the the headers for the columns (repeated) at every group that is collapsed.

  • The scroll bar at the bottom (if scrolling right to look at columns not visible on the page - for a wide board), this doesn’t function as easily or smoothly as before.

I second this. It looks messy after the update whereas the previous one looked more tidy.

Same for the Board Descriptions. I posted elsewhere that I used to keep a hyperlink there so that my team could quickly access a form. Really miss that.