New Dashboard Engine leads to error with Board Update widget

We have multiple boards with many thousands of items on them.

We add video files to some of these items via the update feature.

We then have a dashboard that contains a Board Update widget that allows users to see all the videos that are being added to these boards without having to look for new updates in those specific boards.

This works well on the old dashboard engine but when we upgrade to the new one an error appears saying “the widget has reached the item display limit (max 5000 items)” and to apply filters.

When I apply a filter that reduces the number of items to 1000 across the 6 boards it is summarising (and only a few that actually have video) the error persists.

At the moment I can switch back to the old engine and it works fine. But I thought I would make you aware of the issue.

Hey Tim!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Thanks for letting us know about this!

If you use the new engine in an incognito window, do you still get this error message?I’m curious to know if clearing your cache will resolve anything here.

Let us know what happens!

Hi Charlotte,

I cleared my cache and then updated to the new dashboard engine and it seems to work OK now. Thanks for your help