New features wrap-up (August)!

It’s time for our August new features wrap-up!

For those that are new, at the end of each month, we share a wrap-up of the new features we released. We include features that have been fully released, in a gradual release and even give our community a sneak peak into features that are in their development stages :eyes: We are also including a new section that uncovers our :star2: top tips and support highlights :star2: for the month!

We will kick things off with the :rocket: support highlights for August :rocket:

In our Office Hours session last week, we discussed the different apps available (in the apps marketplace) for document management. In response to this discussion, we decided to put out a poll on our facebook page to uncover which app was the :heart: community favourite :heart:

These were the results of the poll and community anecdotes:

:rocket: Docugen came out on top with 52% of the vote!

  • Their support is great & their team gets back to you instantly.

:rocket: Getsign was next on the podium with 20% of the vote!

  • GetSign was so much easier to use than Docugen. Their support is amazing and they’re responsive to feature recommendations. Free option available.

:rocket: Eledo took 3rd place with 19%!

  • Eledo, it’s insanely powerful, though complex, and support is fast and in-app.
  • Eledo! Amazing and can be personalised. Using it to autogenerate our clients invoice attachment files.

:rocket: Pandadoc was last but not least with 9%!

Now let’s get into our feature wrap-up for August! Check out the status definitions below if you aren’t familiar:

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon!
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually, you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks
  • Released - This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

:sparkles: Fully released features :sparkles:

:inbox_tray: Inbox improvements: We made some changes to the Inbox to improve and simplify the experience! These updates include:

  1. New name :sparkles: Update Feed (Inbox) :sparkles:
  2. New Inbox settings: You can now control which boards will appear in their Inbox, including the option to remove birthdays and new members.
  3. New layout to support the new features.
  4. New and improved option to❗ clear all updates :exclamation:

Read more here: The Update Feed (Inbox)

:open_mouth: Reactions in the updates section: In case you hadn’t realised, you can now emoji react in the updates section! Improve communication and increase efficiency through visual communication by hovering over the like button to show your team member how you really feel :wink:

:card_index_dividers: Hide columns in the kanban view: Remove redundant data and customise which columns you’d like on display in your kanban, through the new hide columns feature!

hide column kanban

:card_index_dividers: Kanban overview navigational widget: We’ve added a navigational widget in the form of a battery that showcases the relevant distribution of cards in the view! The battery addition will ensure that users are aware of the columns they’ve included in their kanban that may not be present at the given time.

Read more here: The Kanban View

:camera: Custom cover photos in workdocs: We’re excited about this one! It’s time to enhance and brand-ify your workdoc by uploading your own custom cover photo :art: This new release was in response to growing feedback surrounding customisation limitations in our docs, so let us know if this is a feature you’ve been waiting for!

Read more here: Doc Settings

:email: Emails and Activities automations: Say goodbye to E+A clutter across boards :wave: We have improved our emails and activities automations to include board-specific logic - we’ve added “in current board” to the triggers to avoid unwanted firing across different boards. A fan favourite, yes?!

:open_file_folder: Save workspace as a template: Gone are the days of saving a workspace as a template via the developer centre! We have fully release a feature that enables workspace owners to save the workspace as a template. The template will be accessible via the ‘templates in your account’ section in the templates centre. Listen out for further updates :ear:

:sparkles: Features in gradual release :sparkles:

:bar_chart: Workforms submission analytics page: Drill-down your form results even further with our new submissions analytics page! The analytics page provides form owners with data-driven insights and results to make informed, strategic decisions moving forwards. This is one to watch :eye:

:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Restore deleted views: Accidentally deleted a board view? It’s no longer an irreversible action! You can now undo the action of deleting a board view, through the board activity log! The undo button will appear on the activity log. When needed, one can click on the undo button to restore the deleted view. Once restored, the undo button will be grayed-out

:date: Date column revamp: The date column revamp has come out of development! Get yourself excited (and familiar!) with what to expect of the new experience:

  1. Easily search by a formatted date or by free text.
  2. You have the option to choose a month manually
  3. Improved accessibility with use of the full keyboard (tabs and arrows navigation)
  4. Enhanced date/hour format settings - the format has been updated to reference the user’s local time, with the option to change this definition via the user profile settings.

date column

More details here: The Date Column

Last months features that remain in gradual release:

:incoming_envelope: HTML email editor
:lock: View lock permissions

:sparkles: Features in Development :sparkles:

:iphone: Board Discussions in mobile: We’re adding a new level of communication beyond the item in mobile too! As we mentioned in our July wrap-up, the board discussions feature is one we are developing so that users can communicate conveniently in the context of an entire board… and we are excited to announce that this feature is being released on our mobile app too. Stay tuned!

Last months features that remain in development:

:page_with_curl:CRM item page revamp

That’s everything for the August feature wrap-up! Tell us what you like, dislike, and everything in between - your feedback is what matters!

See you in September :wave:


What about “Lock view” feature? I can’t see it on your list, but it is now available in the app:

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Awesome , love the lock view , Thanks for sharing @BiancaT

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Hey Marcin, great pick up! This is a feature still in gradual release. We will be sure to include the feature in our wrap-up when it’s been fully released. For now, we’ve added it to our August newsletter under features from last month that remain in gradual release:smiley:

Amazing feedback for GetSign! Thank you for putting this out! :heart::heart::heart:

GetSign is now much more powerful for embedding formulas into contracts, agreements and quotes PDF directly from monday board and seamlessly adding monday board sub-items as sales quote line-items - Check out this short demo

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