New Form Builder for Monday (

:wave: Hey! I’m Dominic, one of the makers of Fillout (a no-code form builder for

We’ve built this integration from the ground up to let you make powerful forms on top of the Monday platform.

Examples of what you can do with Fillout + Monday:

  • Make forms that choose and filter down records from multiple Monday tables :clipboard:
  • :link: Pick linked records
  • Make multi-page forms (with conditional branching) :bookmark_tabs:
  • Update records :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • :e-mail: Make forms with email/phone login
  • Sync single/multi select options from :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • Pre-fill fields :pen:
  • :framed_picture: Embed your form anywhere
  • Drag and drop customizable components (image picker, signature, file uploads, sections and many more) :magnet:
  • :art: Style your form
  • :date: Schedule with Calendly
  • Add review steps :white_check_mark:
  • :eyes: Add powerful hiding and validation logic

Fillout is free to use for up to 1000 responses per month.

Some additional resources, in case these are helpful:

Let me know if you have any questions - I’ll be around! :blush:


Hi, is there a way for me to embed the form builder inside

Great question! I was wondering the same thing.

I am having trouble Mapping a File column on my board to the Fillout form. Any suggestions? The column does not appear as an option/choice in the Mapping.

Hi @JHarrington ! Fillout doesn’t yet support the file upload field with Monday but it’s on our near-term roadmap.

Re embedding - to you mean embedding the forms or the form builder? If the former, there are a number of form embed options here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for getting back to me Dominic.

Do you know how close the “near-term roadmap” is? In other words… weeks, months, etc?


it’s the later. I’ve reach out fillout support a few days ago and they said it’s not currently supported. But if somehow it can be done that way, It’ll be a lot more easier to navigate within monday