New item restrictions depending time period

Hello community,

We recieved a little bit complex request for workflow implementation and will be glad to learn from your ideas how can we solve this use case.

We have an events board in which board members can add events to it (each item is an event in the board). The managemant wants to apply the following restrictions on when a member can add a new event to the board:

  1. Between the 6th to the 20th of each month and only if the added events’ timeline is between current date and the next two whole calendar months, the added new event will be moved to a “Trash” group and the event creator will be notified that the event did not load to the board’s calendar.

  2. If the events’ creation date is between the 1st to the 5th or between the 21st to the 31st of each month, AND the events’ timeline is between current date to the 31st of the upcoming month, then the new event will be moved to a “trash” group and the event creator will be notified that the event did not load to the board’s calendar.

Any ideas?


Hey Oz!

Hmm, this is a tricky one! These types of specific date conditions might be hard to set in an automations workflow where you need the dates to also be dynamic depending on the month.

Just to clarify, the “between the 6th to the 20th of each month” is when the automation needs to trigger? Could you perhaps use an “every month on the 6th” trigger instead of needing to set it specifically between those dates?

Can you give a little more background on why those dates are important or what the intended process is here with the item being moved to the “Trash” group?

Could you instead use an automation that archives an item when a date passes and a status is not met and then notifies the creator when the item is archived?

I think for this type of workflow you will need many different automations to layer with one another and utilize status columns to set conditions.

Let me know a little bit more about why they are looking for these processes and perhaps we can come up with a more suitable workaround!

Hey @CharlotteK and thank you for your reply,

I’ll try to describe the process and hope that will help clarify the use case.

Each month the managemant meets to look at all the events the organization needs to manage during the upcoming months. All departments are adding their events to the board so the CEO and all departments managers will see on a calendar view during the meeting all the events 3 months ahead. This is important for planning and synchronization purposes.

In the last few months the management saw that sometimes people are adding events too close to when they are taking action. at those cases the organization can not plan and prepare good enough. So after some thoughts they decide to apply some rules about how and when events will be added to the board.

The automation needs to trigger if a new item is created between the 6th to the 20th of each month AND the item’s timeline is set between the creation date and the next 2 months. So I’m not sure if automation such as “every month on the 6th…” will fit here.

The management wants members to add events as follows:

  1. If we are now at September, so between 9/1 to 9/5 members can add events for November onwards.
  2. If we are at 9/21 to 9/30 members can add events for December onwards.

The “Trash” group aim is to see events that been added not according to above rules, so the management can decide what to do with these events seperately.

Thank you Charlotte!