Create new items monthly using automations

I am looking for a way to create the following automation. On the first of every month, and only if status is X, then create an item on another board. The issue that I am running into is that the “every time period” trigger is very limiting and I can not choose a status to qualify this trigger. Has anyone figured out a workaround for this? I basically need to have certain tasks created every month, quarter and year on the first of the relevant month. I did doing this with a date column, and then pushing items by a certain number of days, however, not every month is the same amount of time so if I push the task by 30 days, it will not always fall out on the 1st of the month. I am talking about doing this for thousands of tasks so I need an automated solution. Thanks!


I have an app that is almost ready for beta testing that might help.

One of the recipes reads “When date arrives, push date by X months to nth day of the month”

The trigger can be most anything. Basically, to have the date pushed to next month to the 15th of the month, X = 1 and nth day = 15. To have the date get pushed to the next quarter to 2nd of the month, X = 3 and nth day = 2. There is a similar function for the last day of the month.

Jim- The Monday Man

@JCorrell Cool, I have been thinking that this is a really needed feature! When are you expecting on releasing it?
(Also not sure if this is related but it would be amazing if it could do the following. When either item created to status changed to X, then set the due date to be Y date of the following month. This this can continue on the cycle using the above automation that you mentioned. The point is that I do need the above, but also for new items that are created, I want them on the same schedule as other tasks.


It will be available for beta to selected companies by next Monday. Currently, if the date to push is blank, it will act as though the value is today. Also, the app functions can be used in custom automations. So, you can use basically any trigger you want.

Jim - The Monday Man