New task auto assigned to creator of automation not the person who triggered it

I’ve got an automation that creates a new task in a different board when an item’s status is changed:

On that board, I’ve got an automation that assigns the reporter based on who created the new item:

But every item that’s created by the automation is being attributed to me. (Because I created the Automation? :-/)

Obviously what I want is for the reporter to be the person who triggered the automation (usually a dev).

I am having this same issue. Is there a fix?

Hey @vIQleS and @engledc!

Thanks so much for writing in and sharing this valuable feedback with us. At the moment, I’m afraid that there isn’t a fix just yet regarding the system attributing the person that created the automation as the one that created the item.

This is definitely something that is on our radar and I’d love to pass this additional feedback along to our Autopilot Team. I can see the impact of being able to have the person that triggered the recipe be the person that is shown as the creator and I’m hopeful that this can be added as a feature addition!

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