New version not picking up new deployment

I deployed an update for my app and released a new version. On trying to install it on another user’s account I get this error.

The app version seems to be deployed fine and I see no errors on the admin side.
Is there some config step I missed?

The latest version of another feature seems to be still pointing to a deployment from a previous version.

Hi @amit.lzkpa,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Apologies, it seems that this is related to a bug. I’m going to put this on our developers’ radars for investigation.

In the case that they need to access your account to troubleshoot, do you give them permission? Do you also mind providing me with the set of numbers found in your app’s URL after /apps/manage (it should be roughly 5 numbers long)? This is your app ID and our devs may need it for troubleshooting as well.


That would be fine.
Here’s the app id 34552

I have submitted this app for the recent hackathon. Hope this won’t affect the judging.

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Hi @amit.lzkpa,

No worries! It will not.

I just heard back from the devs and it seems the issue has now been resolved.

Let me know if you continue to see it!


hi Helen,
I have the same problem, also sumited to hackathon.
Can you please advise what to do?

Hi @ashi!

I see you’ve emailed into appsupport directly so I’m happy to continue assisting in that thread.


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