Nickname webhook accounts

I am not 100% sure if this would be on Monday’s or Webhooks’s side of things (seems likely it’s on Monday’s). When you have several different Webhooks accounts, it can be very cumbersome to scroll through the list until you find the matching URL you need. The option to give them nicknames would go a long way, in my opinion.


I highly agree!

I don’t even try anymore. Instead of looking for the web hook by name where I know it already exists, I always just copy the webhook and paste the name. I haven’t even tested to see if it adds duplicates. Nicknames would be great!

Jim - The Monday Man


Yes please! This would be really helpful

Right on. An unnecessary pain and time waster. If a short title field was available for each webhook, it would make it MUCH easier. Thank you.

This would be a huge help to me and my team. Naming, searching, organizing would be such a huge help

Seems like a fundamental requirement to me, I cannot imagine why it was not coded in from the start.

As a relatively new user of Monday, there are a few things like this leave me scratching my head…