Node.js query example using Axios

axios({ url: ‘’, headers: {
Authorization: 'Bearer ’ + process.env.mondayToken
method: ‘get’,
data: {
query:  `query { boards(ids: ID_HERE) { description } }`
}).then((result) => {

.catch(function (error) {

log returns { description: ‘post to [](’ }

Hey Kevin! Does this work for you? It looks like you’re using a GET request, when it should be a POST. All requests to our v2 endpoint should be POSTs, even if you’re receiving data (this is where the query parameter comes in).

Do let me know if you have questions :100:

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It did actually work, which was a leap forward for me, log did return description mentioned above. I did create a question around Mutation in another post I’ll mention you in. Thank u

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