NPD projects best practice

Most of my time is spend managing NPD type projects in a waterfall manner.
Before we managed all the topics and progress in a nice (read:insanely huge) excel file, now we have it all in Monday.

Many among you probably use Monday in a similar manner, so lets exchange tips & tricks!

We use two boards to track the progress:

  1. Main deliverables (using groups for the different project phases)
  2. Action & decision tracker

Using a simple column setup, and extensively using the updates to keep track of status:

Some tricks we use:

1. Auto numbering column: for keeping track of the task even if the board is filtered (handy for phone calls)
2. Link column: to link actions from one board to deliverables in another
3. Deadlines: for, offcourse, deadlines
4. Weekly updates: everyone updates their tasks end of the week, saves another couple of meetings

Looking forward to your tips & tricks!

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Nice and simple - the best way to be.

For “weekly updates” I generate automatic reminders via automations.
I have these set for checking particular high level boards for new work, assigning my emails to tasks, catching up with a contractor on a major project etc.
Helps me to avoid missing these small but crucial admin tasks that keep everything else rolling.

The other thing that I have recently started experimenting with is checkboxes for standard requirement gates.

You can restrict column edit for these to the relevant team to be used as an informal signoff. ie stability is controlled by our lab team, machine trials are run by engineering etc.


Thanks for sharing!

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@Erik Great info here, thanks for sharing. Sort of a tangent here, but it’s something that often pops up on teams who use - how’d you go about getting your team to adopt the platform so thoroughly? You mentioned that team members will update at the end of the week, and in so doing will preclude the need for meetings regarding the status of those projects.

We can explain how taking some time to update will save you loads more time on the meetings front, but it’s easier said than done. I’d love to hear if you and your team encountered any roadblocks in team wide implementation, and if so, how you overcame it.