Number of Weeks between 2 dates in the same column

Hi Community! First time around here. I know that Monday calculates the number of DAYS between 2 DATES in the same column. But I would like to recreate this calculation on a Formula column and calculate the # of weeks between 2 Dates under a Formula column. In my scenario, I have a column name Date Actual, with 9 cells, it starts on Feb 21, 2023 and the last cell on this column has June 16, 2023 thus the calculation is 84 Days. The Formula column next to it, I would like to show how many weeks from Feb 21 until June 16 for the cell next to Feb 21 and so for until the cell that ends in June 16 would have a calculation of June 16 until June 16 showing 0 weeks. I hope I explained this well.
I tried several other formulas found in other cases, essentially replacing TODAY for June 16 date but always get error sign. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Diana, @Dlbch8

Welcome to the community! Formula columns (and all automations) work on a row basis. That means you can’t write a formula that gets input from another row on your board. For this scenarion you need to use a custom app or build something with Make / Zappier.

Hi@Dlbch8 ,

This can be done easily by using Make.
By setting up a workflow with the automation tools, you can connect different rows, boards, or even external applications.
This way, you can get the data you need from other rows and use it in your formulas or automations.

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