OAuth handshake authentication won't install my app

HI everybody, we have an outlook app that integrates users with their Monday account via OAuth handshake request. usually if the app wasn’t installed in the user’s account, Monday would automatically ask for permission to install with all the apps scopes. And now we get this message instead: “App is not installed, in order to use this app you need to first install it”.
If we manually install the app through the shareable URL in our user’s account, it works.
We don’t know about any changes we’ve made that could’ve done this, is this on Monday’s side, or we’ve miss-looked something?
Thank you very much!

Hi @yuvalNakav, welcome to our community!

To confirm: is it the admin user who is installing the app? As long as the user who is attempting to install the app is the admin user on the account, it should be going through successfully.

If you have confirmed that it is indeed the admin user, I would love to see a screenshot or even a screen recording of what you’re seeing. This way I can better understand where the issue might be coming from.


Hi @Helen , first of all- Thank you.

It is the admin user who tries installing the app.
Usually, when we make the handshake request, it asks the user to authorize the app, regardless if the app is installed in the user’s account or not

This is the authorization message we’ve always seen before (even if the app wasn’t installed on monday’s side):

This is the new error message:

Now, we need to manually install it, like this:

This is the code snippet for redirecting:
2021-09-05 (13)

It could be related to the fact that this app isn’t monday-approved?

Hi @yuvalNakav,

Ahh yes indeed! So because your app has not been published in our marketplace, whomever is looking to install your app will first need the installation URL from the “Share” page under the “Manage” section of your app:

After the admin on the relevant account has installed the app this way, you can then share the OAuth URL link with them and they will be able to install your app with OAuth as normal.

Apologies for the misunderstanding before!

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