Oauth on mobile

The first step in the app I am developing is requesting permission for Monday via oauth and after the user has approved, api is activated according to the user’s request.
It works well on desktop, but not on mobile.
On mobile I get the screen where I am asked to download the app from the app store, even though the app is installed, and in general I would expect to reach the same confirmation screen in the browser as on the desktop

Hi @OferLobix, welcome to our community!

I’m afraid that at this time, the OAuth permissions flow is currently not supported on our monday apps framework on mobile.

If you’re curious to see what is supported on mobile re apps, check out this thread: Support for board views on mobile - #4 by BraveCarto.

I’ll move this to our “Feature Requests” section for now, and update once this has been released.


Hi @Helen,
I asked about The OAuth Flow on mobile.
It is work perfect on desktop (via browser) but not work on mobile.

Hi @OferLobix,

Apologies, I forgot to add “on mobile.”

Yes, OAuth works on desktop, it does not on mobile!

Hi @Helen,
The first step in the OAuth flow is making an authorization request. The user direct to the monday.com OAuth page to approves the app.(Browser)
Why is not the same beavior on mobile like on desktop?
Is this feature on Monday’s road map?


Thank you for circling back with us!

I’m afraid that custom Apps are generally not supported on our mobile apps just yet. This is something we are considering to implement in the future, but to be transparent, I am not able to commit to a timeline or an ETA on this just yet. But please, stay tuned for future updates.