On Hold Projects - Resource Reports

Is there a way to mark a project that goes on hold so that the hours assigned to everyone in that project are not included in any of the resource reports until it is taken off hold? I know you can disconnect the board but I fear everyone will forget to reconnect the board once it comes back online.


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Hi @Somnio!

Am I correct in understanding that each board aligns with a specific project? So you’d essentially want to mark the entire board as on hold? I was thinking you could set up a status column and create the label on-hold so that this would translate into the other boards that this board (and its items are/) is connected, but this might be quite tedious… I’d love a bit more background to help achieve this for you :pray:

So, if project A has a timeline from now for the next few weeks and there are multiple tasks and rounds of review and there is project B with the same, with all tasks assigned. If I go look at the workload which includes both project boards, I have a view of utilization across my team. If Project A goes on on hold, I wanted to see if there was a way to mark it as on HOLD so that it does not show up on the workload widget so that utilization is displayed correctly

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Hi @BiancaT - I have a similar issue. I have a few projects within a board that need to go on hold indefinitely. Is there a way to put the entire project on hold, rather than placing each individual task on hold? Also is there an easy way to document the reason for the project pause?

Hey Maure,

I am afraid not at this stage… We don’t have an overarching “board” label that would allow you to do this, I apologise for the inconvenience here :pray:

I’ve relayed this to our internal team as feedback incase we can make some relevant changes in the future to support this!

Thank you for your quick response @BiancaT! Do you have advice for how you have seen other users deal with this issue? What is the typical method to put a project on hold, so that it isn’t included in reports until it is off-hold again. We don’t want to put an entire board on hold, but simply a project.