One Automation overwriting another Automation

I have an automation that creates four subitems for each new item added.

I want the status of the item to update to “In Progress” when ANY subitem status is set to “Complete”.

I want the status of the item to update to “Completed” when ALL subitem statuses are set to “Complete”.

I can get each of these automations to work independently, but when they are both on, setting the final subitem status to “Complete” changes the item status to “Complete” for a second, and then the other automation runs and the item status is set back to “In Progress.”

Is there no way to set the order of these automations they way a Cascading Stylesheet works, so that the check for “All subitem statuses is ‘complete’” gets run last, and then the automations stop?

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If you have different automations writing to the same parent column they are both active and will run in an order you can’t influence. Therefore this will not fly I am afraid.

The good news is that we developed an app called Rollup Subitems that can do this. There is a full video for that app here (starting at 16:20). More details can be found here.

I have created a small video for this use case here.

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Hi @tjb - while you cannot set the order operations are triggered, you should be able to make this work using the following two automations. Basically, the top one will only trigger when the main item status is NOT Done or Working On it. Since you really only need to set the Working On it Status once, this should do the trick.

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Thanks, I’ve had to give up on using subitems as they have been implented so poorly that they are not useful at all.