Only Main Workspace open when I log in

Hello, I did find a topic from May 22 on this but it’s closed and I don’t really get an answer to my quandry.

We have two workspaces - The Main and one more.

Something has happend to my ‘view’ when I log in over the last week or two. I seem to recall a new design? In that case can I roll back?

Bu my main issue is that I used to jump right into my workspace but now I am taken to the Main workspace. This is tideous as I have to select my workspace in the drop down. I have nothing to do in the Main Workspace. Actually I move my boards etc. to a new Workspace eactely as described in the article.

I am trying to work productively and eliminate unecessary clicks etc. in my workflow especially because is becoming my main ‘task’ organiser apart from being our project management tool.

Any feature I am missing to jumb directly into my (non-Main) workspace or any work-arounds, tips or tricks would be very much appreciated.

Hey @ollatpe,

You are able to adjust the default dashboard that you’d like appearing when you log in via the admin settings:

Does this help?

In regard to the new layout that we are in the process of rolling out, you should have the option to toggle this off via monday.labs:

Let me know if you need any extra help here! :pray:

Sorry I don’t have the Account home page widget?

My apologies for the misinformation here @ollatpe. I failed to mention that this is feature is currently only available on our Enterprise plan - really sorry about that! Please submit this as a feature request to increase visibility and votes, to increase the potential for development :pray:

I have an enterprise account but i am unable to select the default workspace for the account. A lot of our project managers have difference boards or workspace load up for them but ideally i’d like it to take them straight to our projects workspace.

IS there a way to make this their default when they open/log in to their monday account?

Hey Anthony! At this time, you are only able to set a default dashboard not workspace via the admin settings. I apologise for the limitation here. Please feel free to cast your vote on the existing feature request to help put emphasis on this need!

Thanks for confirming Bianca, I followed the process in the above screen shot but was unable to select the option of a new dashboard default

Sorry to hear this Anthony :frowning: Can you please send me a private message with a screenshot of what appears on your end when you attempt to do this, as well as your email address to I can investigate? :pray:

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