Optimizing Sales Processes with Monday Sales CRM

I’ve recently started using Monday Sales CRM to manage my sales team, and I’m curious to hear about your experiences. What are some effective strategies or tips you’ve found for optimizing your sales processes with Monday Sales CRM? Have you customized it in a unique way that’s improved your team’s productivity and results? Let’s share our insights and best practices to make the most out of this powerful tool

Hey Chloe! Charlotte here from monday’s Customer Experience team! :wave:

While these aren’t tips from another customer, as a member of the monday.com team I thought I’d provide some resources that other monday Sales CRM customers have found to be very helpful! :blush:

Here they are:

  • This deep-dive walkthrough of monday Sales CRM best practices to maximize the product (45 mins, split into 4 parts)

  • This 25-min demo of the monday Sales CRM to get familiar with the product and its capabilities

We also offer multiple guides for monday sales CRM, including “Manage your sales pipeline with monday.com”, “monday sales CRM for Enterprise”, “Manage your leads with monday sales CRM”, and “Manage your sales operations with monday sales CRM Enterprise”.

I hope these resources are helpful! Let us know if you have any questions! :blush: