Option for Time Tracking only duration instead of requiring start/end times

Our focus on the time tracking column’s problems has mostly been on 2 user’s conflicting ranges, however, there’s another thing that I’m hoping to put out there for consideration as hopefully you’re reworking the tool.

For us, selecting the start date, end date, and then start time, end time is very cumbersome and slow and really prevents users from entering time at all. One person said it was all the pain of booking a flight or a hotel :slight_smile:

If we want to enter 4 hours, I wish we could just click the time tracker, type 4, hit enter, and move on to the next task.

Even better would be if Monday could have a default settable start time in my profile, like 9am. So that when I enter 4 hours, it automatically makes the range from 9 - 1 and assumes it’s today if I don’t click in to edit it. Then the next time I enter time that day it would start at 1, etc.

But at the very least, if there was just a way for people to click once, type and number, hit enter, and be done, that would be a fantastic quality of life improvement for those of us who need to track time.

If anyone has a suggestion for how I could just do this in a numbers column with an automation, I would love your ideas. It seems like this might be possible where you could enter a number, the automation would see it and increase the total by that amount, but I have not yet been able to get a workable flow.


Agreed, entering start and stop times is clumsy. Start time & duration makes things easier.


Actually andrewm2’s clarification makes me realize my above default start time request might be a bad idea.

So I think it’s probably more useful just to be able to drop in a duration. For us, actually having the end time be the current time (like it is now) and having the system back in the start time based on your duration would probably be best.

The system already backs in 1 hour, so it seems like it might be fine if we could just hit the duration field and type a number. Only problem being that you have to click the tracker, then click enter manual session, then click the duration. Still would love it if you could just click the time tracker once and type a number and the rest just happens automatically without any user input. Maybe I’m dreaming :slight_smile:

Thanks again and fingers crossed for a new tracker soon!


Agreed. A sort of log past x amount of time until now. Would make time tracking very quick!


Absolutely a feature to die for. The problem is very real - if it’s not user intuitive or productive for data entry, the team members just won’t buy in and in the end we won’t get people to data entry at all !

Clickup has it, just plain and easy - give us a Duration box in the time tracking widget popup, let us whack in the numeric in unit of “m” or “h” or “d” (like in Jira) . Job done, everyone would be very happy in filling up timesheets.


Totally agree that this feature is needed. I was training my team on this and they pushed back HARD on entering in start and end times, and I ended up having to make numbers columns instead of time tracking columns so they can enter in a numeric time spent on jobs.


Same here AND it won’t allow 2 users to clock their time on the same task with the same start and end times…

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I sooooo need this feature. For my purpose, having a start and finish time and ability for the b pad to some basic maths and work out the duration would be so useful especially where I have field workers logging times remotely.

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For this process, I setup the Number column and customized numbers column to be “hour(s)” and chose to have that label on the right side for the direction. (you have to type in “hour(s)” for the Unit and select the Direction R). Then renamed the column “Number” to say “Time Tracking”.

Now, our time can be entered in simply 15 minute increments by entering in .25 for 15min, or .50 for 30min. - you get the idea. So, if I worked 2 hours and 45minutes on a task/item, I would enter 2.75 Hour’s. It’s not perfect, but works for our needs. We don’t need to know the exact date and times with my projects.



Very much agree. We would really like this feature.

This reasoning is solid.
People are poor to adapt to anything that isn’t user friendly!

I considered this, but then combining those totals with the times I use the actual tracker is a problem.

Plus 1 for this feature request, i.e., log cumulative hours vs. start/end times.

  • 1 for this feature. It is much needed. The current Time Tracking isn’t user friendly. We used a number column until now that user update with the time they worked on the task. We faced an issue with that solution where the data isn’t properly synced if users happen to update the field at the same time.
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+1. This is a feature that is highly requested by the team.

What would be ideal is a timesheet that you can fill in under My Work and it would fill in the individual boards with the time you entered (summed by the people who entered time under that task.

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this is literally the second day I’m using monday.com and I already find the lack of this feature incredibly annoying
on top of the fact that I have to figure out start and end times of my tasks so that they add up to 8 hours (as nothing counts it for me within the project) - it’s even more annoying that I can’t add things to end ‘in the future’ (have to use the clock times rather than hour total) meaning that I can’t add tasks for the day until the end of it - or, what I just started doing, adding a random time before my actual working hours so that I can add it at the time (eg. it’s 3.50pm and I want to do my daily timesheets. I have to add a task 6-3pm to do that)

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We need this so bad as well as not being able to clear out the whole time tracking column with one click (yikes)

Love this idea and had to test it out myself to see how it works. Great concept but I don’t think it will work for our use case for two reasons

  1. I don’t see a way to add multiple time (ie I worked on it today for 1 hour and yesterday for 2.5 hours) without manual addition (math) of the various times and
  2. we want to keep all of our data trackable by month and user.

I really think you’ve laid out the foundation for how the time tracking app needs to work as it is easy to enter, shows visibly very nicely and sum’s at the bottom. The few tweaks I mentioned above by monday.com would give us exactly what we need.

Well done, even if it’s not quite right for us - Kudos!

I agree! This feature would be incredibly helpful. My team is required to update their hours worked at the end of each week. The time tracking column doesn’t allow the ability to enter time without specifying a date or time. This should be a toggle on or off feature. I’m currently using the number column workaround, but that does not provide the same features and logs that are included in the Time Tracking column. Any update on this request?