Modernise & Improve the Time Tracking Feature.

Imagine a Modern car like a Tesla, Ferrari or whatever…but still using those old window handles that you had to twist around to open the windows. That’s how I see Monday and it’s Time Tracking functionality.

We’re doing all sorts of things AI related, yet an important part of any PM tool, the time tracker is very very basic.

Are there any plans to expand on the complexity of the Time Tracker?

Coming from Clickup, this feels very basic. E.g. in clickup - 2 people could track time for the same task at the same time, whilst here, it’s not possible, it seems that the Time Tracking is just a number attached to a column.

And it feels very cumbersome that I need to add the time range, instead of being able to add duration eg. 20mins, 1h, etc…

Initially I thought because Monday works sort of like a spreadsheet/database, with rows and columns, etc… maybe it’s not possible, HOWEVER, I just came across SmartSuite - which is very similar to Monday, Airtable, etc…, and they do have a beautiful time tracker - it’s not very complex, but ticks all the boxes from a functionality point of view - everything you would need from a time tracker.

I’ve attached some screenshots - and on top of that, very important, when you track something, it shows you the time tracker somewhere in the bottom right hand corner - that way you don’t forget about it if you leave that board. - Can’t tell you how many items I forgot a time tracker for like a week or so.