Two way sync with Toggl or other Time Tracking App

A two-way sync with Toggl time tracking would solve so many issues a lot of users have with time tracking capacbilites. I’m of the camp that we bring as much of our workflow into Monday and reporting and using Toggl for time tracking outside of our dashboards for leadership is very frustrating.

I get improving time tracking may not be a huge focus, judging from the other threads on time tracking, but that would be a huge benefit.

The biggest answer from clients deciding between Clickup and Monday lately is that Clickup has better apps for time tracking integrated than Monday. Don’t know why is not on the Road map.

Agree, Toggl added the ability to create webhooks via its API at some point. monday could create an integration to create those webhooks to get Toggl events (such as timers starting/stopping) to sync with monday. It wouldnt even need to start/stop a time tracking column, just update a column for the hours/minutes tracked.


100% agree. Such a faff having to duplicate and exhausting for my team. This should be an easy fix - what’s taking Monday a year to add as a feature!?