Looking for a recommendation for Time Tracking App

I am after recommendations for a time tracking solution that is a pop-up or chrome extension that can be always on for our employees.

Was looking at Time Doctor but unsure if that’s the best solution. Open to all recommendations, would love it if Monday came out with a pop-up solution for time tracking in the future that shows all items within the week or similar.

Hi @JackHeadford :wave:

We do have a native time tracking feature that your team can use!
Whilst this doesn’t have a pop out, you can combine it with automations to automatically start / stop the time tracking when a status changes.
You can read more on this here: The Time Tracking Column

If this isn’t an option for you, you could take a look at using a third party app from our marketplace instead. These may offer additional features like a pop-up! You can find the marketplace here: monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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@Dani is a two way sync with Toggl or something similar on the cards? dashing around boards to time track isn’t an option UX wise, some employees track in real time and some prefer a timesheet like method at the end of the week. Also if we are in meetings with multiple emplyees making multiple items for them to track against is really annoying as well.

Is there a time tracking improvement roadmap?

Hey @JackHeadford

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I don’t see anything specific on our roadmap regarding the Toggl integration, but you could look at using an external third party to integrate monday with Toggl. You can use a solution like Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat), which will allow you much more flexibility when setting up your integration.

You might find this article helpful for setting up an external integration:
How to create an integration using Zapier

You can find more details on using either of these options to connect monday and Toggl here:
monday.com + Toggl via Zapier
monday.com + Toggl via Make

Could either of these be options for you?



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