Use Time Tracking to find gaps where users didnt track time

Hi Everyone,

We’re currently using to Track our time, and we’ve set up a threshold for tracking enough chargeable time per week per user. The challenge I’m having is i need to be able to identify the gaps where time hasn’t been tracked to find out what a user has done with that time but I can’t see a feature to enable this view. I’ve even tried to export the board data to excel but it doesn’t give the hour data in the spreadsheet, only the days.

Does anyone have a solution as to how this could be possible in Monday? Like a timesheet view broken down per user?

Thanks for any help you can give

Hi @JayMunsonChess - I don’t know if this upcoming Time Tracking app that is releasing soon will help you with this problem, but it’s worth a look. There’s a sneak peek webinar you can sign up for now - Need an expert for an intricate Time Sheet Tracking For Employees - #18 by Thomas-Omnitas

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