Option for Time Tracking only duration instead of requiring start/end times

Sadly Monday.com remains unresponsive to this topic seemingly to not care that this is an open issue for many users. Not on roadmap, etc…

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Wish they would take inspiration from how Jira does it. @meizheng.two hinted at this. You can simply type in, for example, “3h 45m” and then save. That’s it. So simple.

You can get fancy and backdate, but if all you care about is getting the duration recorded, it’s a cinch.

For backfilling time spent, as an alternative to the clunky Time Tracking column interface, we’re adding a number column. Then a formula column takes the native Time Tracker column (hours) + the manual backfill column + (Jira’s synced time total / 3600) = total time spent


Yes, so much extra work and thinking power! Please add this!!!

This is very necessary! Please add!

Hi @cnicolaisen
Have you had a look at the TimesheetPro app from our partner Work Perfect? It not only uses a super simple interface to log your time.

It’s got a free plan as well, so maybe worth trying.