Time Entry picker

Greetings all! I’m new to Monday.com and love its feature set. I do have one question about time entry on subitems. I’ve got team members that are in the field quite a bit and then come back and enter time against subitems they’re responsible for. We don’t need to know what time of day they worked. We simply need a subitem, date and number of hours. The feedback I get from the team is the time entry manual session control is cumbersome (requiring start/end time and AM/PM selection) and is click-heavy with for our purposes. Is there a way/place that I can ‘simplify’ that?

Grateful for any guidance.

Hey @SConnell! If your team members are only needing to submit a specific value that aligns with number of hours worked, would the numbers column work better for you? You also have the ability to customise the units:

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 2.53.19 pm

Let me know!