Option to break out of groups when sorting / or filter to see a whole column

i have a list of 16 groups, each group is a stage of our process for example:

  • Need to send invoice
  • Waiting for payment
  • need to send reciept
  • ready to do
  • completed

A bit like that but 16 steps of our process. Each group has customers in it with all of their information set out in columns. we can have anywhere between 80-100 customers on the board at any one time.
The customer can then easily be moved into its group depending on where they are in the process and its a nice way of quickly seeing where each customer is at in the process.

One of the columns is the customer invoice number.

Ideally, when we get a new customer we could do with knowing which invoice number we are up to. So if the last invoice number was 100, we know a new customer’s invoice number will be 101.

But when we click ‘sort’ via the ‘invoice number’ column it will keep the customers within their group and as a result the highest “overall” number isn’t shown at the top, but rather each group is sorted individually. so we still don’t really have a clear way of know what the highest invoice number currently is.

Either being able to filter the information somehow (can’t filter just a whole column) or if the sort button had an option to “break” the groups and sort all customers.

Maybe someone has an easier way or better idea to easily find the highest number in a column which is spread across multiple groups?

As far as I can see this is a good fit for an Integromat based automation:

  • trigger a webhook on item creation

  • in Integromat loop through all items in your board and find max

  • or (less operations needed) update an Integromat database value (persistent over different events) with +1 and return that value to your column

Have fun

oh wow, i wish knew what any of that meant! :joy:

even after some googling, i think that might be too much for my little brain


This is an important option, both for boards and for table applet in the dashboards.
we have different groups in boards that are separated by various keys (global region, Inventory type, etc.) and we want to sort the view by due dates or priority and see all the High priority items without the separation by groups

hi @aperegrine, Adam

I have a monday app that generates an ID which will increment automatically when an item is added to a board. In this way you don’t have to search for the highest number. The configuration is:

You can easily create an ID like INV-0001, the next will be automatically set to INV-0002 etc etc
Does that help you?