Ordering chart by Group

If I use the group as one of the axis in a chart, and I choose to sort by that axis, the sorting doesn’t work.

I don’t know what it’s using to determine the order, but it isn’t:
Group name
Group ID
Group created time
Group order in board + order of boards
Time of last change to anything about or in the group

The order is the same across multiple charts showing different values on the other axis.

It still doesn’t work if I pull in all the items from all the boards into a single board and use mirror columns to show the group.

The group that an item is in can change, so I can’t use other means to put the group name into a static text column.

Please fix this. It’s not a suggested feature, it’s something that doesn’t work. You have given me the option to sort by group so please don’t tell me nothing is wrong when I can’t sort by group.

Hey Carla!

Our sincerest apologies for the delay in responding. I have tested this on my end and in full transparency I’ve run into a similar roadblock - I can’t seem to figure out the sort logic. That said, I’ve followed up internally and will update you once I hear back with further insight :pray:

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