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Anyone know if there is an option similar to that on teams, slack and email software that will inform another user (guest user is my particular use case) when a user in my account is on holiday. What I have found is that we started using monday with clients allot, they use it 8 times out of 10 rather than emailing us, but the problem is that we have no way to let them know that we are not working today.

A few ideas:

  1. More obvious message when writing a reply that the X user is on holiday
  2. ability to add a global account auto reply in such a case

Any ideas from the community as I presume I am not the first with such a use case

Hi, @nealb - I like your first suggestion. Simple and easy - just let people know you are out when they begin to @mention you.

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We just started with Monday.com and had the same question. The minus simple is easy to overlook. Our solution is very similar to yours…take it a step further and maybe not allow a person who is out of office to be assigned or @mention - I hope this is something that can be implemented soon.


Hey @nealb :wave:

You do have the option within your profile under the “Working Status” tab to indicate that you are out of office and even chose the dates you will have this status for! There’s also an option to mute your notifications during this time period:

The “-” symbol will appear on the person’s profile photo to indicate that they are out of office (and any other working status). However, this will not prevent anyone from being assigned to @mentioned while they are away.

Check out this article for more details: Display Your Working Status

However, this will not provide these details to emails or messages sent via our integrations or the Emails & Activities app.

I hope this helps!


To be honest it not visible enough, we already use this system

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I agree that this would be an invaluable feature to have!
Whilst you can set yourself out of office, the tiny “-” is not very visible for guest users. We have many problems with guests tagging people who are out of office, and then complaining they don’t get a response because they haven’t seen (or understood) this symbol.
Being able to send an automated response when you’ve set yourself to out of office would be a much better solution to this.