No Task Assignments when OOO

hi there,

I saw that there’s now an Out of Office status that users can select within our profile settings. It would be great if:

  1. When you set a certain date as out of office that you can’t have a deadline assigned to you on that date either - either not allowing to select those dates for that person, or provide some sort of warning that the person will be out of office. (Wrike had this feature)
  2. You can pre-input multiple dates. For example, If I’m going to be out of office Sept 18, Oct 12-15, etc, it would be helpful to be able to enter them in batches.

I work within a marketing team with 20+ members in a tech company and while our org has a lot of users on, different teams still use it differently. For our team, we mainly use it for providing visibility on project status and assigning team members tasks for the different initiatives they are involved in.

Currently, we have project coordinators who are not always aware when team members have scheduled their time off and proceed assigning tasks to individuals without realizing that they actually won’t be available on the date that they are requesting something.

If we had this feature, we could either select a more appropriate date for the person who will be away or select another team member to take on the work if the date is not flexible. It would also help reduce the amount of time we spend updating/re-assigning tasks and help remove one more tool (Google Calendar checking every person’s individual calendar) that we try to use manually to try and avoid the situation from happening.

Thank you for your consideration!