Outlook Integration Filter using sender "does not contain" not working as expected

Our board is using a shared inbox for our client and to have visibility for the team will CC the group. To keep things tidy, we also include the secure address email.

This results in both the update to the pulse as well as a new pulse. We’ve setup a filter to create a new pulse for every email that receiver does not contains “Monday”. We’ve also tried the same integration with both “use1.mx.monday.com” and again with “pulse”, but each of them results in the duplicate.

Is the text for the filter strict? I assumed since it was a does not contain field that it would ignore anything with those keywords or domains.

Hey @Daniel-Minjares - sorry you’re running into issues with email filtering in the Outlook integration :frowning: Just so I can test this on my end, would you be able to clarify what you mean by “results in duplicate”? Is the item/update appearing twice in your board when you’re using the filter? Feel free to send over an example (if it’s possible) so I can take a closer look!