Outlook Integration filtering conditions

I have an integration with Outlook that creates an item when someone gets an email that has certain text in the subject. I tried to add another condition so that if the body of the email has a different certain text, it doesn’t create the item. It’s not working, however. Even if the body contains the text that is supposed to prevent monday from creating an item, it does anyway.

Any idea how I can fix this?


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While my company uses some Outlook Integrations, I haven’t used the conditions yet in that way. My first thought though is the order of the conditions. What order are they currently in? I would try switching them around, having the “don’t create item” condition first.

If you already have them in that order or you try it and it’s still not working. I would email Monday support directly support@monday.com. If it is an error they should be able to help.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the suggestion. I actually did think of that too, and I tried reversing the order, but it didn’t fix the problem.

The only other idea I have is that maybe since the excluded text is in a table Monday isn’t recognizing it as the text I’ve set to exclude, even though in the update that Monday creates the text is there without the table.


The text that is supposed to be excluded is my name.

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Yes the table very well could be the culprit. Currently Monday can only send integration emails as plain text, its possible they can only read in plain text as well. Definitely reach out to support for clarification and include that you tried swapping the order and the table aspect.

Two thoughts on workarounds if support can’t help:

  1. Can you set up a preliminary Outlook rule first, then have the email go to Monday to trigger the integration?
    -For example, the Outlook rule checks for the subject text and excludes for your name. If everything checks out, tell Outlook to forward it to yourself.
    -Then have the Monday integration have the following conditions: “Subject is Text” + “Sender is You” + “Receiver is You”
    -So the email has to pass the Outlook rule first and then the Monday rule.

  2. The other option, which might be easier/cleaner is looking into the supported 3rd Party Integration Apps, Integromat & Zapier. I’m sure they can handle a task like this.

Hope you get this resolved!

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I’ve reached out to support, and am currently waiting to hear from them. That is a very good idea, however. I will try that, thank you! I will also check to see what I can possibly change on the email settings in the app that sends the notifications.

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Hey @Austin, hope reaching out to support did the trick!

If not, could you share a screenshot of the conditions you’ve set up? I ask because if you’re looking to set the conditions up as OR conditions (e.g. if emails meets this OR that criteria, rather than this AND that criteria), you would need to create two separate integration recipes—one for each condition.

Actually, I never heard back from support about this particular question, so it is still unsolved.

What I’m aiming to do here is to filter out one condition from the main one.

The integration should create an item when there is certain text in the subject of the email(condition 1), unless the email has a different certain text (condition 2)

Hi @Austin! I was able to test this our on my own and when the conditions were set up as follows:

Subject includes “key word”
Body does not include “key word”

The emails brought in did meet those conditions and the ones with the body text were not brought in while the ones with just the subject were brought in.

I also tested this with the body text in the table. When the “key word” to be excludes was pasted from a table into the body of the email, this was excluded. When the table was pasted as an image, this was not excluded.

If your table is able to be edited in the email body, then the text within it should allow it to be filtered out.

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