Overview of sales + dates

Maybe someone could help me with a CRM workflow question.

I use the app to keep track of deals that we close. Some are a one time job, some are monthly.

On the general sales panel, where I have how much income we are generating, the many jobs we acquired, lost, etc… I would like to see how much money we are generating monthly, but keeping in mind that some of these jobs, begin and end on different dates.

I figured. I would have to create a date column for them on their individual boards, but how would I got about it to have it displayed on the main sales page, showing me the income + dates, and only calculating that for the "active"projects?

Let me know if you need more details or if I didn’t explain it quite right… I have been trying to figure this out for a while but can’t seem to do it right…

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Hi Roby! :wave:

It sounds like you could apply a filter to your board and then save this filtered view as a new board view. For the filter, you could set it to only show where the “end dates” or “start dates” are from the last month, and the status is active (or however you show if a project is active besides the end date), or where the status is “not done”.

Here’s a sample of what that would look like in the board filter feature:

In this filtered view, your numbers column will automatically tally only the items that are leftover after the filter is applied and show the sum at the bottom of the numbers column.

Let me know if this sounds like it could help or if I completely misunderstood what you need! :blush:

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