Payments on the Marketplace

Any updates on payments? I heard there was something in the roadmap and we’re at a point where we need to understand what is coming before we build our own.

Hi @boris!

Great question, at this time payments are not something our team will be focusing on. Check out the FAQs section of our developers page here.

At this time, developers will be responsible for building out their own payment channels.

Hope this helps :smiley:.

Hi @boris - We have a Stripe integration built for the Marketplace, but we’ve delayed making it available to other app developers while we re-platform our app. If Stripe payments is something you’d be interested in for your Marketplace app, let’s chat. I’ll send you a PM or you can book a time here: Book Polished Geek: more with

~ Deb Cinkus
Product-certified Partner

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