Pdf saving is cutting off text in tables

Hi Community.
Can anyone (or Dev team) help me with a strange occurance?
Everytime i save a document as a pdf, the table in the document gets text abbreviated in a few cells no matter how wide i make the column. And its small words too. Dell becomes D… Chair becomes Ch… Then “Topodrone” isn’t abbreviated, nor is “Computer - Laptop”.
Now the only thing i can think, is that the two columns that are in error are Status and Dropdown style columns.

Hey Scott,

I am going to take this with our team internally - just to clarify, are you referring to exporting our workdocs feature to PDF and the issue is specific to the embedded table widget in the doc? :pray:

Yes. My work around was padding the text with more characters at the end of the label. That way when I convert the table to pdf in the document, I can see the important starting letters. Seems like there is always the last 4 letters cut off for ellipses.


Thanks for getting back to me Scott! I appreciate your efforts in uncovering a workaround here and glad to hear it helps to some extent. That said, I will still follow up with our dedicated team internally to better understand if there are plans to combat this issue :+1:

Thank you. I appreciate that.


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