Wrap text on tables in dashboard - or change item height

On a board, for text columns if there is a lot of text - you can choose the item height and the text will wrap so you can see everything in the cell. However, if you add that same board into a table widget on a dashboard - the item height and wrapping text does not work and there are no settings to change this. So you can only see a portion of the text with a “…”. We want to be able to print the dashboard to PDF for our clients - but the clients won’t be able to see the full text in the PDF.

Please create a way to add the item height/wrapping to the dashboards (or have the table widget copy the settings used on the board).

This will be useful for us as well.

For example when using a Form/Survey and it is included a long text question, then it would be useful to be able to display those answers using a widget in a dashboard.

As mentioned earlier the table widget will not show the full text of the long text columns.

I tested also with pivot table as a work around, but it will only show the full text of the first items and then it is needed to scroll to the side to see the rest of the answers, so it will not be a solution to display all full answers in a PDF, and it just look as a work around.

So, it would be good to have a widget that could help with it.

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+1 – Very annoying that long-text is cutoff (when a simple text-wrap would suffice). Ability to customize row height would be ideal.

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I agree. I am having the same problem here !

Wrap text is an absolute must for Timeline widget, for back to back items, it crops the whole task name

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I have issue with the Item Height resizing to “Triple” in the Table widget not being large enough in order for all text to show when I pull in specific long text columns into a Dashboard using the Table Widget. Being able to customize the Item Height beyond Triple would resolve my issue.