Performance issues related to number of columns

Hi! We are contemplating whether or not to add column after column to our main boards while solving specific calculations and issues.

So: My question is: DOES a (reasonable) number of columns effect performance of the board. Let’s say you have 15 or 50 columns on the board. How would this effect performance, if number of items was the same?

Hello Peter, to my knowledge if your board has 20, 30 columns and there is no conenct board or mirror column then it works fine, but if it has connect board and mirror column it do affect speed.

Worked on 20 columns board with no mirror and connect, it was loading fine.

Maybe developer guys can give best answer.

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My experience is that even 50 columns won’t have any impact unless its a lot of mirror columns. (And I suspect that situation will be improving this year…) There is a hard limit of 300 columns though, last I encountered it. The other thing that can impact is formulas because formulas are calculated by your browser, not the servers (today)! So many formulas will require calculating all of the values.

@rehan.abdul you mentioned the API. Oddly enough the actual boards do not use the API as we know it from the developer side, at least not with the same limitations placed on it for app devs.

I meant developer, changed my comment!