Permission Incorrectly Described

The way this permission is described would be perfect, but for some reason people can still edit and delete views and automations, which literally changes the structure of the board. Not sure why this is. Am I missing something? I had these permissions set and had a normal member, not admin or board owner, delete a view. This is changing the structure of the board and should not be allowed

More specifically DELETING views, which is absolutely changing the structure of a board. We started letting our employees use our only a week ago, and they are already deleting views on accident haha.

However, I have found not all accounts are showing the lock view option. Reaching out to may be needed to find out why its not turned on in your account.

Unfortunately, you are correct though that the permission you found doesn’t prevent changing views. Its been a long term sore point, definitely not new (as you see by the above).