Phone and Location fields not moving with Pulse

I am in the process of setting up to use as our CRM, Sales and Production tracking.

Here is what i wanted to do:

  • Setup a marketing pipeline (board) that tracks all leads and relevant data.
  • Once the status changes to a sales appointment scheduled, move the pulse to a new board that is used for sales tracking that has additional columns for other information.
  • Once a sale is made, move the pulse to a new board that is used for production tracking (additional columns again)

Where I am stuck:

  • When i try to setup an automation to move the pulse to the sales board, the column for phone number and location are greyed out and won’t let me move that data. This means we would have to re-enter this info on the next board by hand which is not an acceptable solution.
  • I’ve tried linking and moving, both seem to not work.

Any help on solving this issue or creating a workaround?

What kind of columns are you using for phone and location?

I used the Phone and Location column types. It wasn’t working and then it seems to be working now but the option to connect the column types is still greyed out as per attached screen shot. When it did start working, it was inconsistent at first, it moved the item into the wrong group a few times, then after testing another dozen times, it seems to move the phone and location into the right spot.

I’m concerned that once we go live with this with our team, if there are issues with consistency, it could cause many problems.