Picking Boards for Dashboard

We are using Workspaces to segregate work between Clients.
Each Workspace can, and does, have many of the same boards sourced from a Master set of boards that are duplicated out to them. And some are Shared to the Client and some are not.
And they all have the same name across the different Workspaces.

Now we would like to create Dashboards on top of these shared boards. Problem is, that when selecting Boards in a Dashboard, you cannot tell which Workspace they belong to.
I would like to be able to add Workspace.Boardname to a Dashboard.
Ultimately, each Client will have a Dashboard, or set of Dashboards over their shared boards that look identical to other Client Dashboards.

I’d like to find a solution to this before the number of Boards and Clients gets our of hand,

Hey @AndrewDFS, I’m afraid there’s no way to do this automatically. You would have to add Workspace.Boardname to each dashboard manually for now.