Pitch Your App session

Introducing Pitch Your App: Present Your App and Get Feedback from monday.com ’s Marketplace team

Here’s your chance to make your app, or app idea, a success on monday.com’s Marketplace!
Through our Pitch Your App initiative, you’ll present your app’s features, benefits, and use cases to product marketing and engineering experts at monday.com.

(Think Shark Tank—but much friendlier.)

Following your pitch, our team will provide up to 15 minutes of feedback, giving you insights, ideas, and advice you can use to make your app or idea more marketable, useful, and popular.It’s just one more way we’re helping monday.com’s app developers succeed.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll have 5-10 minutes to pitch your app, using a presentation or pitch deck as a visual aid with approximately ## slides. You’ll need to be concise and clear, covering only the most vital aspects of your app!

To get the most from your pitch, remember to focus on:

  • The problem or problems your app solves. How does your app solve these challenges?
  • What differentiates your app. How is it better or different from other Marketplace apps?
  • Features and benefits. How do the features of your app benefit users or the Marketplace?
  • Who your app helps. What are their roles, industries, problems, goals, and needs?
  • Sharing challenges you’re currently facing. What insights would make your app better?

Sign up for Pitch Your App now; we’ll follow up with more information soon and see you on Nov 7th!

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Amazing initiative and oppertunity!

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After a wonderful and inspiring first session, we have 2 more “Pitch Your App” events in December and another spot available for you!

Make sure you don’t miss your chance to get feedback on your app ideas from the monday.com marketplace team.

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