Populate phone field based on Status or Dropdown List

I have a list of “Techs” and want to populate their phone number in the “Phone” field on the same board. The purpose is to then be able to use Twilio for notifications to the tech. I tried connecting boards to a separate board with a list of techs/phones which does work visually, but then Twilio won’t allow you to select that person when setting up the automation. I assume because the info isn’t actually on the board I’m automating, just mirrored.


Hey @KJohnson - and Welcome to the community. Yes, this is a limitation where mirrored fields are not supported.
Have you checked out the General Caster App? If you were to setup another field on your table (read-only) and use the app to cast the mirrored value on change it should workaround your issue.

Have a look and let me know.