Popup Load Errors

Hi Monday Community Team!

While using a board and drilling down into mirrored data from a column, I’ve discovered that sometimes information doesn’t ‘load’ correctly into the selected popup window.

I’ve tried this on computers in the office, PC’s & and laptops, old & new, with RAM memory varying between 8GB-16GB, with Windows 10 & 11 and using Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome (old and latest updated browser versions).

I can replicate the error, sometimes even on the same computer where it works in one browser, and not the other – and in either browser!

What appears is the below, where sub-information appears correctly or (most of the time) only the name of the sub-item.

Mirror column Account name is selected;

Contact name is chosen, and this should happen.

However, at other times when the Contact name is selected, this can happen;

Thanks in advance for your help.