Possibility to include link to Board or Item in E-mail templates


I want to include a link to the specific Opportunity in Monday CRM but cannot find a way to do this.

The use case is I have opportunity where I want to let people know that we are close to landing the deal. However, I cannot find a way to include a “dynamic” link like for example {Link to opportunity} - surely there must be a way to do this?

Let’s say you have Opprunity Board and Item 5 is you want to share, if you open pop up view of that item the url in top above search bar is the link of that specific item, you can share that. Correct me if you need something else.

Thank you my man, but that isn’t really helping me. I want to use a dynamic link in a template which should be like {Link_to_opp} and not having to worry about copy pasting links. So that feature should be so easy to implement.

That would be the url of you board
{mymondayurldotmondaydotcom/boards/1833490/pulses/{Item ID} - Item ID you need to setup dynamically

Thanks! That did the trick. However, it is just insane that this is not an included choice, like the link button to the item when you are setting up automated e-mails…