Automation copy item-link to column / Notification / mail notification / elsewhere

´Hi there,

i know the different ways of copying the item-link (hyperlink, weblink) manually, but would like to integrate the item-link into a mail notification automatically or elsewehre. I tried to find a way to automatically copy the item-link into a collumn (via automation, integration, app, etc…), but failed. Has anybody got an idea?

Any ideas, workarounds, apps?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @RaoulVega
If I understand correctly, you are wanting to automatically send out an automated email having a “link” and the “link” in question is stored under a particular column on Monday?


thanks for your reply.
yes, the final goal is to send out an automated email and integrate an item-link (automatically).

My first approach was, creating a link or text column and get the item-link somehow into this column (automated). Then create an automated mail, which uses the column in which the link is copied. If there would be a column which displays the item-link (automated - not the item-id!), this would be useful for other automations as well.

My current workaround: 1. copy the item-link from the item-id column manually, 2. insert the copied item-link into a link-column 3. Send the automated mail, which uses the link-column…

I just found a “solution” / “automated workaround” using “Column Magic: Text Builder”.

  1. Create an item-ID column
  2. Create a link (or text) column
  3. Use “Column Magic” to build a link and insert the link into the link-column:
  • The link/url pattern is >> “board-url”/pulses/“item-id” <<
    -Column magic copies the item-id from the item-id-column…

Now you can use the link-column which contains the item-link whereever you want.
In our case the item-link is copied into automated mails and allows the mail-recipient (Boardmember, -guests, …) to open the item directly out of the mail.

Hi this is Michal from Spot-nik.
I wanted to let you know of a new app we launched last Thursday- SuperMail
This app will help you adding a link as a hiper-link just as you would in a regular email.
You build a template, set an integration to trigger the sending and then set the trigger on the board an that’s it.
Take a look at this loom I maid
I hope this app will help you and if you have any questions- don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

This is super helpful. Can you clarify how you added the board URL part though? When i try setting this up there is a predefined variable for item ID, but no predefined variable for board URL. The closest variable i see is “board name”. I’ve tried just adding the text you provided but it gets interpreted as text and doesnt get incorporated into the URL.

Things i’ve tried:

  • {board-url}
  • “{board-url}”
  • {'s Board URL}


For the board URL, just copy and paste it from the browser address line. Your message box for the recipe will look something like this:

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One question regarding item URL on items that move through different boards:
If you have a workflow where items move to another board depending on which stage they are in, how do you deal with the item URL if the link is generated in the first board?
What I want to achieve is that when the item URL link from the first board is clicked, and the item is moved to the next board, it will open the item view in the new board with the correct columns.


I just added some new “when item moved to board” recipes to Text Builder. You’ll need the recipe on each board it gets moved to, to update it with the current boards value. (Unfortunately due to some monday limitations/issues you can’t just use the custom automation builder for this… I need to make some changes and test thoroughly.)

I also added in a special token to help make links:{pulse.relativeLink}

The {pulse.relativeLink} automatically fills in the /boards/3123123/pulses/12312312 part of the URL for you so you can use one text pattern on every board - should make it a TAD easier. Note the capitalization of Link, and the lack of a / between .com and {pulse.

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