Automation copy item-link to column / Notification / mail notification / elsewhere

´Hi there,

i know the different ways of copying the item-link (hyperlink, weblink) manually, but would like to integrate the item-link into a mail notification automatically or elsewehre. I tried to find a way to automatically copy the item-link into a collumn (via automation, integration, app, etc…), but failed. Has anybody got an idea?

Any ideas, workarounds, apps?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @RaoulVega
If I understand correctly, you are wanting to automatically send out an automated email having a “link” and the “link” in question is stored under a particular column on Monday?


thanks for your reply.
yes, the final goal is to send out an automated email and integrate an item-link (automatically).

My first approach was, creating a link or text column and get the item-link somehow into this column (automated). Then create an automated mail, which uses the column in which the link is copied. If there would be a column which displays the item-link (automated - not the item-id!), this would be useful for other automations as well.

My current workaround: 1. copy the item-link from the item-id column manually, 2. insert the copied item-link into a link-column 3. Send the automated mail, which uses the link-column…

I just found a “solution” / “automated workaround” using “Column Magic: Text Builder”.

  1. Create an item-ID column
  2. Create a link (or text) column
  3. Use “Column Magic” to build a link and insert the link into the link-column:
  • The link/url pattern is >> “board-url”/pulses/“item-id” <<
    -Column magic copies the item-id from the item-id-column…

Now you can use the link-column which contains the item-link whereever you want.
In our case the item-link is copied into automated mails and allows the mail-recipient (Boardmember, -guests, …) to open the item directly out of the mail.

Hi this is Michal from Spot-nik.
I wanted to let you know of a new app we launched last Thursday- SuperMail
This app will help you adding a link as a hiper-link just as you would in a regular email.
You build a template, set an integration to trigger the sending and then set the trigger on the board an that’s it.
Take a look at this loom I maid
I hope this app will help you and if you have any questions- don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: