Can I automate adding a link in a Link Column whenever an Item moves into a specific group?


Is someone using the LINK field in Monday and managed to automate this?

Our case:

We insert new client into 1 group. One’s a client has confirmed our product a status changes but the item stays in the same group.

We have an additional column (link) to a review page in monday. I simply want every new item in this group to get this link. I can easily set this up with our gmail account, but i cannot get monday to automatically fill in this link column for every new item.

any tips?

thanks in advance!

Hello! As of now there are no automations that would allow you to auto-add a link to a Link Column whenever an Item moves into a specific Group. However, there are a few potential workarounds for you to try that could serve as a solution:

  1. Is the Link Column being used for different URLs depending on the group it’s in? If not, you could add the link as an Item Default Value so it appears in every item that’s created in any group.
  2. You can create a custom automation that says ‘When an Item moves to Group, create an Update with this text’, where you can paste the url in the ‘this text’ box. It won’t add the link in the Link Column, but it will be accessible via the Update, so a slight change to your workflow.

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