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The solution set up for my business relies on boards that are connected with “board-relation” columns.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to post data to to this column! I’ve structured the post calls to have values identical to some already set up by the front end, but to no avail unfortunatly. I’m always getting this same error: (200 ColumnValueException); "There are items that are not in the connected boards).

Is the only way to set a value to this column in the front end interface? I can’t appear to find any reference to pushing data to column type “board-relation” (also known as id: “connect_boards#”)


EDIT: I saw a post saying this is an ‘Item Link Column’. I Updated the api call accordingly but still the same result:
{ change_column_value ( board_id: 00000000, item_id: 111111111, column_id: "connect_boards0", value: "{\"item_ids\":[\"222222222\"]}") {id} }

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Sorry that you are having some issues adding data to the Connect Boards (Link to Item) column! It seems like your mutation is almost there - as far as I can tell, the only issue is that you are sending the item ID as a string, and not as an Int value. Here is an example of a working mutation:

  change_column_value (board_id: 1160743615, item_id:1160743630, column_id:"connect_boards", value: "{\"item_ids\":[1115942913]}") {

Here’s how this works on my end:

That said, you will indeed need to set up the column initially via the interface, and only then you would be able to send the item IDs. The items also have to exist on the board you’ve connected to within the interface.

Does that help clarify at all? Let me know!


Hi Alex, thanks for your response!
I just found that issue after I posted the question, forgot to parse the strings!
Silly mistake! :sweat_smile:

Oh yay, @ray!

That’s amazing, I’m glad to hear you were able to find a solution :slight_smile:


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